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OPC Data Acquisition

Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1

About Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1
IDE:MS Visual Studio 2017
Appl. Size:11.8 MB (12.386.304)
Creation Date:20-Oct-‎2018 18:09:18
Installer Size:6.70 MB (7.025.823 bytes)
Installer Date‎20-Oct-‎2018 18:43:37

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Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1

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Genesis OPC Explorer Setup

Select OPC Server
Manage OPC Groups
Manage Acquired OPC Items
Manage Calculated OPC Items
Load OPC Project
Save OPC Project
Close OPC Project

Data Acquisition and Storage

Start Data Acquisition
Resume Data Acquisition
Stop Data Acquisition
Display Performance Data
Acquisition Data Matrix

OPC Data Listing

Display of OPC Data Listing
Export OPC Data
Export to Clipboard
Toggle Performance Display
Configure Types Color

OPC Data Charting

Display of OPC Data Chart
Set Chart Series Colour
Set Chart Title Options
Manipulate Chart Display
Set Series Selection
Set Chart Axis
Set Chart Legends
Save Chart Image as File
Save Chart Image to Clipboard
Enable Cursor Data
Toggle Server Data Display

Registration and Support

Register Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1
Support of Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1
Register Support of Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1

Thanks for bringing support to TGMDev
through PayPal Donations...

      Registering Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1

On Start, Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1 displays a Welcome screen, summarizing the current registration status.

Unregistered Copy of Genesis OPC Explorer 3.0

Registering Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1 is free. But it is your first step to bring support to TGMDev !!!

The registration is used by TGMDev to gather information for usage statistics and send newsletters.
TGMDev will never transfer your email to third parties.

Two methods are available to register Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1
  • Active Registration
    • Click on the button 'Register' in the Ribbon Tab 'Home'

  • Passive Registration
    • Quit Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1 On Exit of the application, unregistered users are invited to register Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1.

To register, proceed as explained here:

  • Enter the request data to the Registration Dialog Box
    Registering Genesis OPC Explorer 3.0

    1. First Name

    2. Last Name

    3. Email Adress : Note that a mail will be sent to the TGMDev Server to record registration and send registration code back to sender, so invalid email won't allow a valid registration !!!

    4. Usage Context : Private, Student, Academic or Industrial

    5. Country

  • Click on the button 'Request Registration Key'

    A blinking message will confirm the effective mail of registration request
  • Wait for the registration code from a mail in your mailbox. This should last less than one minute ...

    Typical Registation Mail

  • Copy the registration code (from the mail body) to the clipboard

  • Paste the registration Code to the Dialog Box
    Note that Only Valid Registration Code enables the 'Register' Button

    Registering Genesis OPC Explorer 3.0

  • Confirm with a click on the button 'Register'
  • Click on the button 'Ok' to exit the registration process (Once the Registration is activated, the 'Ok button is enabled)

    • You can always postpone the registration by clicking on 'I'll Do Later'.
    • The Registration can be activated during a next session. You don't have to wait for the registration mail.

    On the next sessions, Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1 will display a Welcome screen, summarizing the effective registration status.

    Registered Copy of Genesis OPC Explorer 3.0

    You are now a registered Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1 user. You can go further and bring your support (see here to get details on TGMDev support)

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