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OPC Data Acquisition

Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1

About Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1
IDE:MS Visual Studio 2017
Appl. Size:11.8 MB (12.386.304)
Creation Date:20-Oct-‎2018 18:09:18
Installer Size:6.70 MB (7.025.823 bytes)
Installer Date‎20-Oct-‎2018 18:43:37

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Data Acquisition and Storage

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OPC Data Charting

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      Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1

Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1 is a free Windows application that connects to any OPC Server and handles data acquisition in a very simple an intuitive way. The application displays the data in a virtual list and graphically for easy and visual data inspection.

Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1

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Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1 is developped using the latest tools available from Microsoft and following the standard techniques and recommandations for the development of applications for Windows 7 and Windows 10. The application has been tested extensively to verify its correct behaviour and memory management and to determine its effectiveness on different computers including network-linked computers.

However, Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1 is a freeware and is provided 'AS IS'. TGMDev disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, and have no liability for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of this program, even if advised to the possibility of such damages.

If you plan to use Genesis OPC Explorer 3.1 to perform critical data acquisition, you must take the necessary actions prior its use to certify the effectiveness of the application for the intended purposed. You must be ready to assume any risk arising out of the use of the application.

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OPC is an acronym that stood originally for OLE for Process Control. As well as OLE does not mean 'Object Linking and Embedding' anymore, OPC is now the name given to the set of standard specifications for communications between devices from differen suppliers. The goal of OPC is to provide a common interface between Windows applications.

OPC is based on COM and DCOM technology of Microsoft and the specifications define the COM objects, the objects interfaces and the objects methods that can be used to transfer data between OPC Servers and clients.

The OPC Servers handle the gory details to access data into proprietary devices and provide the interfaces to allow any OPC Client to access these data through standardized interfaces. Using OPC, the methods (in OPC Clients) to access the data are always the same, whatever the OPC servers that provides the data.

Abundant literature exists about OPC technology. Googling the Web provides a huge amount of informations...

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