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Language: Visual C++
IDE:Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
App. Version:4.1
Appl. Size:7.83 MB (8.219.136 bytes)
Creation Date:11-Mar-‎2018 ‏‎19:36:26 (GMT+1)
Link Type:Statically Linked
Installer Size:9.43 MB (9.892.153 bytes)
Installer Date:‎11-Mar-‎2018 19:39:15 (GMT+1)

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      PhotoRenamer 4.1 Ribbon 'Options'

The Options Category of the PhotoRenamer 4.1 ribbon provides the way to set up different options of PhotoRenamer 4.1.

PhotoRenamer 4.1 Ribbon
PhotoRenamer 4.1 Ribbon

A. Thumbnail Display

The Reading Mode is an important parameter that impact the speed of operation and the display on screen when reading the directory content.
PhotoRenamer 4.1 handles three different ways to read the content of the photos and display it in the file list of the main view:
  1. No Thumbnail: the reading of the directory is very fast but not thumbnail are displayed in the left column of the file list.

  2. Raw Thumbnail: the reading of the directory is quite fast but the thumbnails are displayed unscaled and not rotated.

  3. High Resolution Thumbnail: the reading of the directory is quite slow but the thumbnails are displayed scaled and rotated (if required).

The local Help file (Greenie Button) explains this important feature in details.

B. Duplicate Files Handling

This button opens up a dialog box used to define the two options for duplicates handling: suffix mask and duplicate suffix scope. See also Handling of Duplicates for a full explanation of this important feature.

The duplicates handling is explained in great details in the local Help file (Greenie button).

C. Files Listing Colours

Just below the files listing, PhotoRenamer 4.1 displays the meaning of the colours used in the list control. These colours can be tailored to your own taste.

The default colours and meaning are showed here:
%Y-%m-%d %H-%M-%S The files are simply listed in black. The Exif Time is diusplayed in Gree. The Date and Time for renaming will be Exif Data
%Y-%m-%d %H-%M-%S-Tree The Renaming mask is applied. The new names are proposed but the files are still unchanged. There is No change in the colours used.
%Y-%m-%d %H-%M-%S-Tree The files are renamed using the button 'Rename All Files'. The files are now displayed in blue.
%Y-%m-%d %H-%M-%WS-Tree The Renaming Mask is changed. Notice the use of %WS, that forces the use of the Windows time. The duplicate files are displayed in dark red (duplicate root file) and in red (duplicate files). Also, both Exif Date and Time and Windows Time are used. The columns 'Files Date and Time' AND 'Exif Date and Time' are displayed in green.

The following buttons are used to change the default colours used in the Files Listing while the last one restores the default colours of PhotoRenamer 4.1.

D. Image Rotation

If Exif Data are available, PhotoRenamer 4.1 can automatically rotate the photo so that the content of the photo is displayed as it was in reality. Ths feature is controlled by an option that can be toggled on or off. By default, the rotation is automatically applied if Exif data are available.

E. Update File Time on Exif Time

PhotoRenamer 4.1 can update the File creation Time and Modification Time on request. By default, times are left unchanged.

F. Visual Help

The standard Video Help dialog box is started and explains the features of the Options Category of the PhotoRenamer 4.1 ribbon.