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About PhotoRenamer 4.1
Language: Visual C++
IDE:Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
App. Version:4.1
Appl. Size:7.83 MB (8.219.136 bytes)
Creation Date:11-Mar-‎2018 ‏‎19:36:26 (GMT+1)
Link Type:Statically Linked
Installer Size:9.43 MB (9.892.153 bytes)
Installer Date:‎11-Mar-‎2018 19:39:15 (GMT+1)

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      Fast Track to PhotoRenamer 4.1 User Interface

A. User Interface

The PhotoRenamer 4.1 screen is made of five main parts:

PhotoRenamer 4.1 Screen Overview
PhotoRenamer 4.1 Screen Overview
  1. Ribbon: Located on the top of the screen, the ribbon is the standard paradigm of user interface. Buttons and other controls are enabled/disabled according to the active view and the user's actions.
  2. Navigation Control: Located on the left pane of the screen, this control is used to select the directory containing the file(s) to rename.
  3. Main Views: PhotoRenamer 4.1 handles two data views:
    • Files Renaming View: This view is used to rename the files selected from the Navigation Control located on the Left Pane.
    • File MetaData View: This view is used to display the MetaData (Exif and IPTC) of the Current File.
  4. Image Preview: Located on the right side of the screen, this window is used to preview the currently selected file and display its main attributes.
  5. Output Pane: The Output Pane, located on the bottom of the views, is the control where PhotoRenamer 4.1 adds constantly action log and operational information. Most failure of file renaming are indicated in this control.
B. PhotoRenamer 4.1 Ribbon

PhotoRenamer 4.1 is controlled using the ribbon located on the top of the screen.
  1. The Home Category: close the application, get support or give feedback, donate to support TGMDev or learn about PhotoRenamer

    PhotoRenamer 4.1 Ribbon
    PhotoRenamer 4.1 Ribbon

  2. The Photo Rename Category: select filter, edit mask, rename files, select renaming types, edit keywords, browse files and copy photos to clipboard

    PhotoRenamer 4.1 Ribbon
    PhotoRenamer 4.1 Ribbon

  3. The Details Category: rotate photo, copy photos to clipboard, browse the photos listing and give highlight of the photos attributes

    PhotoRenamer 4.1 Ribbon
    PhotoRenamer 4.1 Ribbon

  4. The Options Category: modify options, set files colour, rotate view and view help

    PhotoRenamer 4.1 Ribbon
    PhotoRenamer 4.1 Ribbon

  5. The View Category: hide/show preview, hide/show status bar, hide/show Output Pane, hide/show Tooltip and view help

    PhotoRenamer 4.1 Ribbon
    PhotoRenamer 4.1 Ribbon

  6. The Help Category: give feedback, check for update, browse to Web site, give TGMDev support ann show About box

    PhotoRenamer 4.1 Ribbon
    PhotoRenamer 4.1 Ribbon