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About Acheron 2.0
Language: Visual C++
IDE:Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
App. Version:2.0
Appl. Size:4.36 MB (4.572.672 bytes)
Creation Date:30-Dec-‎2013 ‏23:14 (GMT+1)
Link Type:Statically Linked
Installer Size:1.74 MB (1.825.462 bytes)
Installer Date:30-Dec-‎2013 ‏23:14 (GMT+1)

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Acheron 2.0 in a Snap
Acheron 2.0 is a free explorer of the most common geometrical fractals.

Acheron 2.0 Screen Overview
Acheron 2.0 Screen Overview

Acheron 2.0 provides an easy interface, based on the standard ribbon, to set up the fractal display: recursion level, style, curve colour, background colours, .. for the following fractal curves.

    Von Koch Snowflakes The Von Koch Curve, better known as Von Koch Snow Flakes, are perhaps the more beautiful fractal curves.   "TGMDev
    Mandelbrot Curve Benoit Mandelbrot opened the world of fractals but his name is also attached to an interesting curve based on a simple iterator.   "TGMDev
    Minkowski Curve The Minkowski Curve is also called the Minkowski sausage.   "TGMDev
    Hilbert Curve The Hilbert Curve, named from the german mathematician Hilbert, is a well known fractal curve.   "TGMDev
    Cesaro Curve The Cesaro Curveis a set of two curves with intricate patterns that fit into each other.   "TGMDev
    Sierpinski Curve The Sierpinski Curve, named from the polish mathematician Waclaw Sierpinskiallows beautiful variations.   "TGMDev
    Sierpinski Objects The Sierpinski Objects are fractals curves based on different geometrical basis.   "TGMDev
    Peano Curve The Peano Curve is amongst the first known fractals curves.   "TGMDev
    Square Curve The Square Curve is a nice fractal curve, build using a recursive procedure, saw in the well-known book 'Algorithms in C' written by Robert Sedgewick .   "TGMDev
    Heighway Curve The Heighway Curve also called the Heighway Dragon or Harter-Heighway Dragon, was popularized in 1967.   "TGMDev

Furthermore, Acheron 2.0 can export fractal display to clipboard for further processing in other applications...