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About EventCountDown 1.0
Language: Visual C++
IDE:Microsoft Visual Studio 2019
App. Version:1.0
Appl. Size:3.78 MB (3.968.000 bytes)
Creation Date:31-Oct-‎2020 ‏17:51:08 (GMT+1)

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EventCountDown 1.0 in a Snap
EventCountDown 1.0 is a tiny application that counts down to a user-defined event occuring in a more or less near future. It was really developped for the fun related to a personnal event. And it's nothing more than a fancy cool looking count down timer...


A. Cool and Easy Setup

The very first time that EventCountDown is started, the Configuration Dialog Box is launched to allow ECD setup:
  1. Event Description: the Name of the event (note that length is limited to 20 characters to fit the size of the dialogbox)
  2. Event Date and Time: the date and time of the event in the near future


You can change these settings at any time by clicking the button labeled 'Configure'

B. Not for far looking People !!!

The Count donw is limited to 10.000 days.... In case you're really so far looking, ECD advises you to postpone your willing to get a count down