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About Horses 2.0

Language: Visual C++
Version: 2.0
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Setup File: Horses.exe
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Rules of the Horses game
Known Limitations
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Horses 2.0 is a freeware version of the classical Horses Puzzle.

Rules of the Horses Game

Using ChessHorses-like jumps, you have to turn the board upside down: the top tokens moved to the bottom and the bottom tokens moved to the top.

At start, the board looks like this:

Horses 2.0
Click on the ScreenShot to Enlarge the Picture ...

At the end of the game, the board looks like this:

Horses 2.0
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At first sight, a simple game ... But the goal is to finish the game with a minimum number of moves .... Can you beat the computer ?


To install Horses 2.0, simply double-click on the file you have donwloaded. The installer will take care of the complete installation of the application as well as the copy of the pictures used for board background.

Game Moves

Horses Moves    Using the ChessHorses-like jumps, from one given position on the board, there are 8 different moves, numbered from 0 to 7 in Horses 2.0.

The more the moves 3 and 4 for climbing down tokens and the moves 0 and 7 for the climbing up the tokens, the less moves required to solve the puzzle ..

Here are the typical number of moves required to solve the different puzzles by the Horses 2.0 (using Button 'Solve')
Board FrameTypical Number of Moves
77110 -120


  • Support for 25 Different Board Frames.

    Horses 2.0 handles 25 different board frames: from the simplest 7 rows * 7 columns to the biggest 15 rows by 15 columns boards.
    Click on the button 'Options' and select the number of rows and the number of columns that fits your taste.'

    Horses Board Options
    Click on the ScreenShot to Enlarge the Picture ...

  • Wide Range of Tokens.

    Horses 2.0 handles about 50 different tokens that you can choose from 10 classes.  
    Class Source Available Tokens
    Art Toyswww.fasticon.com        
    Creature Ballswww.fasticon.com      
    Solar Systemwww.danwiersema.com
    Super Heroeswww.Iconshock.com          

    Click on the button 'Options'. In the Options Dialog Box, select either Token 1 (Top Token at start of Game) or Token 2 (Bottom Token at start of Game). Then, select the Icon series and, inside the serie, select the token.'

    Horses Tokens Options
    Click on the ScreenShot to Enlarge the Picture ...

  • Selection of Background Images.

    Horses 2.0 provides more than 40 background images that you can select for your board background. You can select your own pictures too ...
    To do this, click on the button 'Options'. In the Options Dialog Box, click on the 'Browse' button to select a picture.'
    Note that you can also have a painted background. To do this, click on 'Painted background' and select the colour that fits your taste ...

  • Move Statistics.

    Horses Statistics While playing, Horses 2.0 updates the total number of moves and the time elapsed since the start of the game.
    Also, the applications updates the number of the different moves for both tokens.

    Colour Meaning
    MoveClimbing Down TokensMove EvaluationClimbing Up TokensMove Evaluation
    0   Very bad    Very Good
    1   Bad    Good
    2   Good    Bad
    3   Very Good    Very bad
    4   Very Good    Very bad
    5   Good    Bad
    6   Bad    Good
    7   Very bad    Very Good

  • Automatic Solving Mode.

    Just for the fun, Horses 2.0 can solve the boards. Look at the scores and try to beat it !!! Just click on the 'Solve' button and watch the game running ....
    You can select the speed of automatic solving play.

    Click on the button 'Options'. In the Options Dialog Box, select the button 'Solve'. Then, select the speed from the ComboBox labeled 'Computer Solving Speed'

    Horses Solving Game Options
    Click on the ScreenShot to Enlarge the Picture ...

  • Help Tips.

    Horses Tips Options     To help you finding rapidly the available tokens to move, Horses 2.0 can displayed tips on valid cells. You can select the tips amongst 13 different ones.

    Click on the button 'Options'. In the Options Dialog Box, select the button 'Solve'. Then, select the tips from the Hozizontal ListBox in 'Tips Options'

    Known Limitations

    Sometimes, especially with the largest board frames, the Solver is unable to finish the game. You need to click on the 'Reset' button to stop the automatic solving move ...

    Bug Report

    Please report any bug to Thierry.Marneffe@skynet.be

    Download Horses 2.0

    The application Horses 2.0 is written according to the standard techniques and recommandations for the development of applications for Windows. The application has been tested extensively to verify its correct behaviour and memory management and to determine its effectiveness on different computers including network-linked computers.

    The author makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, with regard to this application and not be liable in any event for any direct, incidental or consequential damages, loss of profit or data, interruption of business arising out of the performance or use of this program, even if the author has been advised to the possibility of such damages.

    Download and Use of this software indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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