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Genesis OPC Explorer 2.0

Known Limitations

About Genesis OPC Explorer 2.0

Language: Visual C++
Version: 2.0
Size: 5.711 Kb
Installation File: 4606 Kb

The copyrights for Genesis OPC Explorer 2.0 belong to TGMDev. You are allowed to copy and distribute this software provided that it remains unaltered (No software Addition) and free (except a small fee for the software distribution)

Genesis OPC Explorer 2.0 is a freeware but you can contribute to its development by supporting TGMDev.

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Genesis OPC Explorer 2.0 is developped using the latest tools available from Microsoft and following the standard techniques and recommandations for the development of applications for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The application has been tested extensively to verify its correct behaviour and memory management and to determine its effectiveness on different computers including network-linked computers.

However, Genesis OPC Explorer 2.0 is a freeware and is provided 'AS IS'. TGMDev disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, and have no liability for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of this program, even if advised to the possibility of such damages.

If you plan to use Genesis OPC Explorer 2.0 to perform critical data acquisition, you must take the necessary actions prior its use to certify the effectiveness of the application for the intended purposed. You must be ready to assume any risk arising out of the use of the application.

Known Limitations of Genesis OPC Explorer 2.0 Back to Top

  • System Instability after Huge Data acquisition Sessions

    Genesis OPC Explorer 2.0 stores the acquired and calculated data in two different locations:
    • In the Genesis SQLite Database (Genesis.sq3)
    • In the List Control of the OPC Data Acquisition View

    In Genesis OPC Explorer 2.0, the OPC data accumulates in the List Control, eating up memory continuously. At the limit, the memory of the computer is almost totally consumed by Genesis OPC Explorer 2.0, leading to extremely slow computer, interruption of operations due to memory depletion and erratic OPC Data Acquisition.

    Out of Memory OPC Data Acquisition

    In the exemple above, the data acquisition was performed on a small PC running Windows XP with a mere 512 Mb of memory. The data acquisition was configured with two OPC groups, totalizing 64 different items. After more than 174000 acquisition, that is about 12 millions of acquired data, the system was still running fine but was merely usable due to a high percentage of memory used for the storage of the enormous amount of data (see Error Message on Top of Output Pane).

    The next releases of Genesis OPC Explorer will limit the number of rows of the last data acquired and displayed on-line, maintaining the memory used to a safe level. Of course, request to read data out of this moving window of data will required reading data in the SQLite database ...

  • No Specific Support for OPC Data Access 3.00 and No Support for OPC UA

    Genesis OPC Explorer 2.0 is fully compliant with OPC Data Access 1.00 and 2.05a but has not specific features for OPC Data Access 3.00. Most of the OPC Servers are compliant with OPC Data Access 1.00, 2.05a and 3.0, so this should NOT be an issue.

    Please report any limitations you hit by submitting ticket to the Genesis Help Desk (powered by the Trellis Desk )

    Support for OPC UA will be implemented in future releases of Genesis OPC Explorer

  • Loss of Data on High Concurrent Genesis Database Access

    Genesis OPC Explorer 2.0 stores the acquired and calculated data in a SQLite database named Genesis.sq3. Data recording can fail during high concurrent access to the database. This can arise in mainly two consitions: starting different instances of Genesis OPC Explorer 2.0 on the same computer or loading Genesis project data while data acquyisition is active. This is traced in the Output Window.

    Database Locked
    Database Locked

    Future releases of Genesis OPC Explorer will implement a Store & Forward mechanism to avoid data loss.


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